Software to Test Hard Disk Speed

In this software product industry, majority of the people employs computers and laptops to get their one or the other job done. These computers and laptops stores all valuable information and the operating system in a centralized place referred to as hard drive. Splitting of hard drive is also possible that is called as partitions, by using which one can maintain the stored data in an effective manner. But, with the passage of time, as large amount of data is accumulated on the hard disk, your drive may get cluttered which in turn makes it slower to read data off them thereby resulting in degraded performance of your computer. One of the most important performance aspects is the speed that data can be transferred between hard disk and memory. None of the computer users would like to work on slow running computer.

Therefore, it is better to keep monitoring your hard drive speed in order to check for various hard disk errors so that you need not face any kind of unpredictable situations like hard drive failure, OS crash and many other performance factors. If you are not aware of the condition of your hard disk, then you might be unable to save your important data from loss before it’s too late. Most of the users believe that testing the performance of computer hard drive is a work of some skilled technical expert. Though it’s true as they can evaluate better results, but as long as you do not have any major problem related to your hard disk performance, you can easily solve it by your own, without any fuss by making use of some dedicated third party HDD performance tester.

And, now to step ahead with hard drive performance test tool, you need to be very careful as there are lots of third party software’s available in the market for monitoring and diagnosing PC Speed up issues. Keeping all the aspects of testing hard disk speed in mind, high tech industry experts working in software field for years have come up with a simple yet powerful tool to test hard drive performance which is named as Remo MORE. This utility proves to be the ultimate utility to test HDD speed by scanning for all hard disk errors and fixing them ensuring you to provide hard drive working under top condition. MORE software is available online without any charge and is ingrained with “Drive Checker” option that measures the drive speed and also checks the health status (S.M.A.R.T.).

This freeware MORE application has very attractive look and user friendly interface that makes many of the customers to give a try for it. You can also use this HHD performance tester software to check speed of RAID arrays, Solid state drives, external drives, networked shared drives, USB drives, etc. This performance measurement software is compatible with both Windows as well as Mac operating system based computers and laptops. Remo MORE is all-in-one software that can efficiently fix all PC related issues and enhancing the computer usage experience. As the software lists all the drives issues in one go, it has become a big buzz in the software industry. The software can easily locate the bad sectors and helps you to restore readable information easily with utmost accuracy.

Simplest procedure to test hard drive performance and fix them:

Step1: Download Remo MORE software on the hard disk of your PC and do the installation. Launch the application and select “Manage” option and then choose “Drive Statistics” option as illustrated in Figure 1.

Hard Drive Performance Test Tool - Main Screen

Step2: Select “Drive Checker” option to start estimating the hard drive errors as illustrated in Figure 2.

Hard Drive Performance Test Tool - Main Screen

Step3: Then, choose the drives in which errors are to be fixed and then hit on “Proceed” button as illustrated in Figure 3.

Hard Drive Performance Test Tool - Main Screen

Step4: After that, you need to select Disk Error check option and tap on “Proceed” button as illustrated in Figure 4. Wait for a couple of minutes as the tool starts verifying the selected hard drive for issues.

Hard Drive Performance Test Tool - Main Screen

Step5: Once done with analysis, summary window will be displayed with detailed information about the hard drive as illustrated in Figure 5.

Hard Drive Performance Test Tool - Main Screen

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